The Institute of IT Security Research comprises the two research groups for Secure Societies and Data Intelligence as well as the Josef Ressel Center for Blockchain Technologies & Security Management.

According to an extensive German study, attacks on IT and telecommunications systems represent the most significant current and future threat to the economy. The quality and complexity of attacks on IT systems and targeted attacks on competitors are increasing and are particularly dangerous for businesses and public-sector organisations.

The Institute of IT Security Research has very close ties to the private sector and public institutions and carries out research with Austrian and international partners.

Research Group

Data Intelligence

Data Management and Data Science in various areas of application
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Research Group

Secure Societies

Research and development of IT Security measures, processes and solutions for practical application.
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Josef Ressel Center

for Blockchain-Technologies & Security Management

The objective of the Josef Ressel Center is to make secure and future-proof Blockchain-based technologies accessible to a wider audience.
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Selected projects

KIF – Cryptography for Wireless Communication

A highly secure and durable cryptography for wireless communication integrating radio data. – High frequency data transmission may allow for the traffic of the future.

upribox 2 - Usable Privacy Box 2

The usable privacy box (upribox) is a network tool that filters ads on all connected devices such as smartphones or laptops and ultimately protects the user’s privacy. The upribox 2.0 is even easier...