Bjorn De Sutter at ITSECX

Bjorn De Sutter at ITSECX

His talk about “Stealthy Integration of Software Protections” draw a lot of attention

We were happy to welcome Bjorn De Sutter, associate professor in the Computer Systems Lab at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Ghent University at the ITSECX conference on Friday, 8th November at FH St. Pölten.

He got both his MSc and his PhD from Ghent University in 1997 resp. 2002. Amongst others, he teaches courses on Compilers, and on Software Hacking and Protection, which are also his major research interests. The focus of his compiler technology research is on increasing the productivity of programmers by automating necessary tasks for non-functional requirements, incl. the protection of software against all kinds of attacks.

His more than 80 peer-reviewed publications cover protections against fault injection attacks, against tampering attacks, against reverse engineering attacks, against memory exploit attacks, against patch-based attacks, and against timing side channel attacks. 

He coordinated the EU FP7 STREP ASPIRE (Advanced Software Protection: Integration, Research, and Exploitation), which was evaluated by the EC as excellent in Feb. 2017, and participated in numerous other national and international projects. He received the Annual FWO Barco Award in 1998 for his Master thesis, and is the recipient of two HiPEAC Technology Transfer Awards.