CD – Make 2019 Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction

The International Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction CD-MAKE is a joint effort of IFIP and is held in conjunction with the International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES).

IFIP – the International Federation for Information Processing is the leading multi-national, non-governmental, apolitical organization in Information & Communications Technologies and Computer Sciences, is recognized by the United Nations (UN) and was established in the year 1960 under the auspices of the UNESCO as an outcome of the first World Computer Congress held in Paris in 1959.

IFIP brings together more than 3500 scientists without boundaries form both academia and industry, organized in more than 100 Working Groups (WG) and 13 Technical Committees (TC).

Successful Machine Learning and Knowledge extraction

Consequently, successful Machine Learning & Knowledge extraction needs a concerted international effort without boundaries, supporting collaborative and integrative cross-disciplinary research between experts from 7 fields, and see the inaugural paper of the new Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction (MAKE) journal:
1.    DATA – Data science (data fusion, preprocessing, mapping, knowledge representation),
2.    LEARNING – Machine learning algorithms,
3.    VISUALIZATION – and visual analytics
4.    PRIVACY – data protection, safety, security, ethics, acceptance and social issues of ML
5.    NETWORK – graphical models, graph-based ML
6.    TOPOLOGY – geometrical machine learning, topological data analysis
7.    ENTROPY – time and machine learning, entropy-based ML


The goal of the CD-MAKE conference is to act as a Catalyst to bring together researchers from these seven areas in a cross-disciplinary manner, to stimulate fresh ideas and to encourage multi-disciplinary problem solving.
The CD-MAKE scientific committee is consisting of enthusiastic voluntary experts from academia, from industry and from various application domains (e.g. health) of the organically grown International expert network HCI-KDD and additional international experts from the seven thematic areas to ensure the highest possible scientific quality. Peter Kieseberg of FH St. Pölten is not only organizer of this conference but also crucial part of the CD-MAKE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE committee.